Ver 7.50-00-0.xx
   RECORDER  :7.50-00-0.05
AU-VCVF1G Ver 1.10

New Feature / Specification

  1. Support for newly released View finder “AU-VCVF2”.
    Relative menu is; [INFORMATION] -> [VERSION]
  2. The initial value of “FILE NAME STYLE” is changed from “P2” to “CINE”*.
    (This setting value is reflected by means of the initialization of the menu to the factory settings. )
    Relative menu is; [REC SETTINGS] -> [FILE NAME STYLE]
    *CINE style:
    1.CAM Index 2. REEL No. 3. Clip number 4. Date 5. Hashtag
    The file name of the main recorder and sub recorder is the same.
    Please download the firmware here