Panasonic provides a free library of 35 unique 3D LUTs (Look Up Table) in order to create variable looks using the V-Log of its Varicam & EVA1 cameras. These LUTs serve as a basis for future color-grading.

There are thousands of LUTs on the web for all cameras, which can be applied in post-production in order to “read” the image shot in Log and create desirable “Look”. A basic LUT, on the other hand, like the V-Log / Rec 709, will generate the most neutral image possible by matching it with the REC709 color space, in order to be calibrated later,
There is a possibility to generate LUT from editing software or search for it online, however than the characteristics of the cameras can be missed.  In other words, the “creator” takes a given image, performs a calibration and generates a LUT, often very flattering. And this LUT will only work on the same camera, and in the same light conditions under penalty of generating noise, shifting colors… That’s the difference between professional and amateur LUTs. That is why Panasonic has created a library of LUTs (more than 30!) for its Cinema range, taking into account all the characteristics of VariCam and EVA1.

LUTs, LUTs & Luts!

Varicam LUT Library -

More than 30 LUTs available!

To download them, go to: . You will find online a simulator to test the rendering of images, but also the.cube files to use in post-production and the.vlt files to load in your camera for a live preview (which allows you to manage the exposure of your images).

As a bonus, and to try, we have loaded these LUTs (not adapted therefore) on a GH5s: they work in a very variable way, but give quite amazing results. To do this, simply rename the files using less than 8 characters. Concerning the EVA1, here is a small tutorial produced by Abelcine to help you use them in
the machine ‘s “SCENE FILE”.

You just have to follow the operations in the menus to understand the manipulation.