KST Moschkau GmbH shipped the VariCam35 on the testing terrain of Namibia and Botswana. In addition to capturing the beauty of Africa in 4K, the ultimate goal of the trip was to put the VariCam 35 to the test, in order to best advise the company’s customers. In addition to features such as the Focus-Assist, uncompromising construction, the VariCam 35 convinced the team and proved to be a tool of choice on the 4500 kilometres of tracks and in the face of large temperature fluctuations.

The company’s idea is to do some very tough field tests to push the embedded devices to their limits. For this trip, the team decided to reduce the weight of the equipment as much as possible:

– 1x Varicam35 with viewfinder and shoulder rig.

– 1x Canon 4K CN7x17 optic in PL mount.

– 1x Matte box, less because of the filters, than mechanical protection it provides.

– 1x Vinten tripod.

– 4x 256GB ExpressP2 cards.

– ExpressP2 card reader .

– Laptop with USB 3.0, connectors, P2Viewer etc.

– Lacie Rugged hard drives, with USB3

– Camrade Transport Bags

This 17-day trip, organized in 10 stages between Namibia and Botswana, highlighted the need to add a focal doubler to follow the animals. After many adventures including battery blocked at the customs, dangerous animals and so on, the team managed to bring back some exceptional images, all shot in 4K VLog AVC-Intra 50P.


The team loved the dual-native ISO sensitivity, the ability to inject a LUT to monitor the log, the set-up assistance and the robustness. The single limitation was the VariCam’s start-up time, particularly crucial when it comes to capturing a lion! The team leader concludes this epic with the following words:

I was already a fan of the VariCam series, but my respect for the camera became even deeper. A highly professional system for professional results.It’s a real work tool. Just make sure that the camera itself does not become the model!

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