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CreateInMotion (.com &.fris a platform which aims to cover the latest developments in video production and filmmaking, in addition to user experience and insights from users of Panasonic professional cameras.

The purpose is to provide a go-to news source that offers both knowledge and opinion for filmmakers, and a single hub that allows shared learning and help bring your films and video projects to life.

The source is for filmmakers and Panasonic gear users can learn from each other to help them bring their film & video projects to life

The website is led by a team of passionate video professionals with plenty of experience and know-how, and is powered by Panasonic Broadcast & Pro-AV Europe.

Over time we will also be inviting individuals that are using Panasonic gear for a wide range of applications to share their thoughts and experiences with their kit.

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Content is something that has always fascinated me, and thanks to working with some of the sharpest minds within production and live entertainment it is something that I have the pleasure in witnessing every day. It doesn’t matter in terms of the format in which I see it, what interests me most is the details that have allowed something to be captured. I hope that with Create in Motion we cover such topics that matter most to you as content curators.

Anna Arkatova

Anna Arkatova

"Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy". We hope that Create in Motion will be the source where you can effectively find, practice and exchange the way the moving images are being shared.

Sébastien François.

Sébastien François.

Filmmaker for 20 years in commercials & corporate. Panasonic color-look fan, I do like what's before-new... And reliable.