Rupert Cobb


From starting out his career both playing and touring for some of the most influential figures in jazz music, Rupert has since acquired an extensive pallet of skills – from musician and record producer, to film editor and mix engineer – as well as playing trumpet for the likes of Bad Manners and Mikeand the Mechanics. Rupert’s time is now split between work at Gun Hill Studios,  including the development of a new ground-breaking series, Drive-In Music.

From filming a Ferrari one day to producing a music video for a breaking artist the next, Rupert’s talents cover a broad range of genres. This has been supported with Rupert’s use of the EVA1 to accommodate his unique shooting needs and requirements, and his requirement for a camera that provides a faithful and consistent colour reproduction.

I loved working on the VariCam, but I needed something with a smaller footprint. I love the fact at how well it matches with the VariCam. We get a lot of unique opportunities arise with our work in both the music and car industry by shooting at places like Silverstone and Goodwood.
This means that often at the eleventh hour we get an interview or a chance to hop into a car around the circuit, therefore we need something small that allows me to capture a racing driver in the car at speeds of up to 140mph.

The ability to be able to shoot in V-Log is fantastic, and makes use of the 14 stops of dynamic range that the camera is capable of. The dual-native ISO sensitivity gives you the flexibility to set your base level at 2500 ISO and come down from that, allowing you to shoot with virtually no noise in your image and once again maintaining that dynamic range. The image comes first with the EVA1, and that’s what I like most about it.


Shot On EVA1