Panasonic have updated its free-to-download ‘PTZ Control Centre’ software. The GUI allows you to control all PTZ cameras that are found on the same network via a PC, and the latest update allows use of a game-controller to be used as a camera controller.

The PTZ Control Centre has been designed as a centralised management point for multiple PTZ cameras, and offers a significant amount of camera control within the software. This includes simultaneous control of multiple cameras including  focus, iris, gain, white balance, shutter and ND filters.

Some of the other features in particular that we really like includes the ability to create camera preset buttons with thumbnails, and the ability to register up to 9 presets within the software. In-camera recording capabilities onto MicroSD card can also be started and stopped within the control centre. The other feature that proves incredibly useful is the ability to automatically detect cameras already found on the network.

Key features of the latest update include:
  • The ability to control pan, tilt and zoom, recall presets and select cameras with a commercial USB gaming controller. Verified controllers include the Sony PlayStation 4 controller, both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, the Logitech F710 and the PXN-2113
  • Touch panel control is available for every control module including the main video screen, PTZ control module and image adjustment module
  • Double-clicking on the video screen triggers a full-screen display of H.264 streaming
  • Zoom control is now available by assigning a specific angle area by dragging the mouse or pinching the touchscreen (if available) to control the zoom. This works in the same way as the HEA10’s ‘PTZ CNTRL’ app
  • Zoom control is available by using a scroll wheel when a mouse cursor is displayed on the video screen
  • Camera control via a keyboard is now available

Download PTZ Control Center, free software

Detailled Features

3 modes of Main GUI

1. PTZ Camera Standalone

Intuitive and easy operation on PC display

PTZ Camera Standalone

2. PTZ Camera and Panoramic Still picture

Pan/Tilt control of live video is possible by touching the panoramic still picture taken in advance. This enables the sudden change of shooting angles even in broad areas.

PTZ camera + Panoramic still picture

3. PTZ Camera + Control Assist Camera (AW-HEA10W/K)

Pan and tilt control of live video is possible by touching the wide video shot by the Control Assist Camera AW-HEA10W/K. This enables the sudden change of shooting angles even in broad area.

PTZ camera + Control Assist Camera (AW-HEA10W/K)

Camera View GUI of up to 16 cameras

Camera View GUI with max. of 16 cameras

Zoom quickly and simply by using touch panel or mouse wheel

Mouse zoom

When using a mouse, move the cursor over an image then simply move the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out.

Range-specified zoom

Possible to zoom in and out with fingers to specified range by using touch panel (both upper and lower image). When the range is specified using the mouse, left click and drag.