Panasonic Media Entertainment Company announced the introduction of a full line-up of professional integrated cameras with built-in Network Device Interface (NDI) support: the AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70 and AW-HN130.

Network Digital Interface (NDI) technology has been developed by NewTek and is available to anyone with a royalty-free license. NDI has been widely adopted by many broadcast vendors and is also becoming a de-facto standard in the live production industry.

NDI revolutionises video production workflow through the removal of the physical I/O constraints of traditional broadcast infrastructure. Any NDI-enabled device on the network can both see and access content from all other devices, allowing more sources than ever before to be used for live production.

With NDI, Panasonic PTZ cameras become immediately available for use in NDI-based video production workflows without any additional configuration.

NDI 3.0 is the third iteration of the NDI software development kit which greatly improves what is an already simple workflow with enhanced encoding performance, multicast support with forward error correction (FEC), standardised PTZ control commands and tally. NDI 3.0 includes the addition of NDI|HX, which allows cameras to enter the NDI world, as well as to seamlessly integrate with the hundreds of other NDI-capable products in the marketplace, enabled on millions of NDI-capable computer systems.

NDI 3.0 has been designed to run over existing 1 Gigabit networks in allowing easy adoption of the protocol without the new infrastructure. This is achieved through the use of video compression with the NDI|HX codec, which delivers 1080p Full-HD video at lower data rates of approximately 15mbps.

The AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70, and AW-HN130 join Panasonic’s market leading existing PTZ models (non “N” model), and will be available in both black and white colors. The AW-HN38 enters the Panasonic professional PTZ line-up as a high-value, premium quality model with a powerful feature-set similar to the AW-HN/HE40, but with 22x Zoom, HDMI and native IP connectivity.

The “N” cameras will feature an NDI mode within the camera menu that reconfigures the camera settings for best performance and full compatibility on an NDI network. Simply connect from the network (NDI) connector to the network switch and the video source is immediately available on any NDI-capable software application or production system. Full control of a remote PTZ camera with full tally support is also immediately available and requires no additional menu configuration due the tight collaboration between NewTek and Panasonic on NDI version 3. NDI perfects the “single” cable workflow with Panasonic, enabling very low latency video, audio, PTZ control, tally and power all over one cable.*

“With NDI Version 3, NewTek is making IP Video a complete end-to-end offering for customers, highlighted by our relationship with Panasonic and their next generation products. We have collaborated closely with Panasonic over a period of years to bring its de facto industry standard for robotic PTZ control and image quality to the millions of end users who have NDI-enabled products,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek President and Chief Technology Officer. “Panasonic PTZ cameras with NDI built-in are the realization of the dream of a more efficient and better way to produce a show.”