October 23, 2018

Please download the latest firmware update for GH5 (version 2.4) and GH5S (version 1.2). here are the release notes from Panasonic:

  1. Improvement of AF performance
    – There were cases where focus point was shifted to the background while tracking the subject in AFC mode. The new firmware minimizes this problem.
    – There were cases where focus point was shifted to the background while tracking the subject in video recording. The new firmware minimizes this problem.
  2. Improvement of video recording operation
    – [One Push AE] failed to operate when [SS/Gain Operation] is set to [ANGLE/ISO] while shooting in Creative Video M mode. This bug has been fixed.
  3. Fixed time code bug
    – There were cases where the time code was reset when the battery was replaced. This bug has been fixed.
  4. Improvement of 6K PHOTO/4K PHOTO operation
    – There were cases where the intended frame was not cut out of the footage in 6K PHOTO/4K PHOTO. This bug has been fixed.

GH5 download link
GH5S download link

…And a quick test produced by Cinema5D:


May 5, 2018 (Version 2.3 & 1.1)
Here’s an outline of improvements made to the recent firmware update for the GH5 and GH5S:

1. Improved auto-focus performance – the AF speed at 180d (180°) was improved when displaying the shutter speed in degrees in[SS/Gain Operation]>[ANGLE/ISO]

2. Improved image stabiliser performance –in some cases, distortion appeared during video recording during walking scenes with Panasonic wide-angle lenses (H-F007014, H-E08018). This bug has been fixed.

3. Improved sound recording performance – sound quality has been improved by optimising the noise reduction performance of the internal noise reduction microphone.

4. New functions:

  • Monochrome D has been added to the Photo Style. The Grain effect can also be added and adjusted in the Photo Style
  • The[Live View Boost] function has been added, making it easier to control composition on the monitor in a dimly lit environment – Night mode has been added, reducing glare on screens when recording in low light conditions
  • The[Focus Ring Lock] function has been added to the[Custom] menu, which disables the focus ring to lock focus.-[WB/ISO/Expo.Button] has been added, which allows you to set the WB/ISO/Exposure exposure only when the exposure compensation button is pressed.
  • The[Dial] option has been added to[Custom] >[Operation Lock Lock Setting]; the[Power/Wireless] indicator has been added to the[Setup] menu, allowing the wireless status indicator and connection light to be turned off.

5. Other improvements:

  • The[LUT Monitor Display*] and[LUT HDMI Display*] functions can be used in playback mode
  • DMW-SFU1 software key (sold separately) is required for VLog use. [Focus Ring Lock],[E-Stabilization(Video)],[Mic Rec Level Disp.
  • The[LUT Monitor Display*],[LUT HDMI Display*] and[Night Mode] keys can be assigned to the Fn button which operates in playback mode.
  • The Vector Scope can be displayed on the screen while white balance is being set. images can be selected from the grouped burst display in[RAW Processing] mode.
  • You can choose to shorten the remote operation and image transfer or remote shutter control time in[Setup]>[Bluetooth]>[Returning from Sleep Mode]. The status of the remaining battery is indicated by quarter gauge, approximately 25% per gauge.
  • In some cases, folder names were corrupted when wirelessly connecting to a Windows PC10. This bug has been fixed.

The update can be downloaded via this link.

Here’s the main thing to remember.

– Addition of a”Photostyle L/Monochrome D” image style and a random grain function to get closer to a silver rendering of the photos. The picture shows

– Added a”Focus ring lock” function to prevent the ring from operating unintentionally

-Added”Live view boost” &”Night mode” functions to adapt the LCD lighting to the shooting context (e.g. not to be dazzled when shooting at night)

– The zoom function for focusing (up to x20) has been improved

More importantly, Panasonic reacted to the”Hack” found by users that improved the video focus speed: by setting the shutter at 179°, we got a much faster AF.

The update further improves 5-axis stabilization (for GH5). And finally, we find a lot of new ergonomics changes that may lead to further ergonomic changes, including a battery indicator that changes to 4 bars instead of 3.

Updates for both camera body

The installation procedure (at the bottom of the page)

The user manual for GH5

The user manual for GH5S