When we get to editing, we all need little bonuses from time-to-time. Whether it’s transitions, animated tiling, graphic elements or sounds, we’ve selected links to plenty of free resources for you
Glitch Transitions at Cinecom.net


Cinecom has just released a new pack of 20 transitions (presets to import) for Premiere Pro. Thi includes the use of new VR effects (immersive video) to make transitions. Better still, a tutorial explains the technique from start to finish in order to customise and/or create your own.

The download link can be found here, and the tutorial here.

Shutter Stock

Shutter Stock, the famous online image bank has just put together a pack of of 220 items to download for free. These include motion graphics (we found the pictos to be super useful!), transitions that can be applied in any editing software via the”Track Matte” technique, LUTs for calibration, and lights overlays (to add Flare etc.).

In short, a complete assembly kit to download without moderation with a user tutorial even included. which can be found here. Watch the trailer below.

Rocket Stock

RocketStock is well known for its enormous bank of resources concerning all elements that can be added in post-production (smoke, bullet impacts etc.) but also for its famous “Templates After Effects”. The site offers a new pack of items to download every month with previous versions including video packs, sounds, and templates. This month, for example, it’s an”Action Pack Light” that includes no less than 254,000 incendiary effects with Alpha layer. Have a look here to download or browse everything that’s available.


The royalty-free music resource platform has an excellent blog. You can find tutorials, articles about the production news, but also hundreds of free resources to download. What also interests us is the large amount of sound design elements (to build trailers for example) as shown here:

The sound packs are grouped by themes (Horror, Trailer, Glitch etc.) and you can also find many video packs to download for free. To download (and read, because the blog is really, really interesting), head over here.

Rampant Design Tools

rampant design free

Whilst you will need to provide your email address to access the resources offered by Rampant Design, we can assure you that it’s worth it. Not only are there gigabytes of files to downloads including overlays and transitions for example, you’ll also be able to build your own transitions by using FCPX projects. Have a look here.



We know that the Freesound interface hasn’t evolved in years – however, despite this you can get access to millions of sound effects. Being a collaborative workspace means that other users upload the files thus the quality varies across the platform. Despite this, there are so many sound effects for all sorts of application. For example, we needed to look for cockroach sound effects and we found them! Visit freesound.org where registration is required to download, and please feel free to share anything you find with us!

Earthquake Presets, Shake Camera Presets at Cinecom.net

The excellent guys from Cinecom, well known for their tutorials on YouTube, also provide presets that can be imported into Premiere Pro. The idea here is to simulate the shaking of a camera and provide a ‘run-and-gun’ look to your shots when shot on a tripod. To see the this technique in action, check the tutorial below: