One week after the launch of the new CX350, Panasonic is offering a free 3.0 update of its EVA1 cinema camera: it now supports 4K/50P recording in 10 bits. The manufacturer also offers many improvements for studio configurations and also for the ergonomics of use.

EVA1 3.0

Recording side

The camera can now record 4K/50P (or 60P) in 4:2:0 10bits, thanks to the H265 (HEVC) codec integration. This encoding is about twice as efficient as H264: at the same bitrate, the image accuracy is doubled. The EVA1 can therefore record at 200 Mbps (50/60P) in these modes, and 150 Mbps in 25/24P.

Studio side

The EVA1 now supports USB/Lan adapters from third-party manufacturers. This allows several EVA1s to be integrated into an array and controlled via the CyanView Cy-RCP (Remote Control Panel) as shown in this image:

User side

In the past users complained about the complexity of the menus to change the recording modes or to access the famous VFR (Variable Frame Rate). This problem is solved since the recording modes can be assigned to one or more USER buttons. You can switch from one mode to the other with a simple press.
You can also now capture still images in Playback mode to create project thumbnails for example. The EVA1 can now also have 2 presets for automatic white balance (ATW), just as a focus indicator appears on the LCD panel. Finally, we can monitor the image in SDR when we shoot in HLG.
Not to forget, that Panasonic has dropped the price of the EVA1: 6790 euros/£6,023 excluding VAT (recommended price), so right now can be a good moment for those who were considering to buy the camera.

Product page

Download link for the update

The presentation of the update by Mitch Gross from Panasonic: