Emmanuel Lakkari

“ My name is Emmanuel Lakkari, I’m a French Cinematographer from Paris. I travel the world, where directors needs me, for shooting commercials and narrative projects. My detail oriented, passionate cinematic look and love for anamorphic mood lead me to work for Chanel, Cartier, Guerlain, Dior, French television such as M6, TF1 and Eurosport.  I tend now to develop my career also on bigger narrative projects like feature films and tv series. I recently shot a feature film pilot in funding called “article 22”.

What I like more about the EVA1 is his color science. The skin tone of actors is just perfect out of the “ LOG” from the camera or with an internal “REC709″ LUT. What is good when it comes to color grading and find a perfect mood. Skin tone on multiple takes or camera axes, on set, can be hard to match afterwards but with the EVA1 it’s easier. The color of actors are gorgeous and smooth.

Another good point is the fact that I can have a good signal recorded internally but also externally with an Atomos Shogun Inferno ( ProresRAW or CDNG).

The small size of the camera and its lightweight helps me a lot. I’m a big fan of stabilized gimbals like Freefly Movi pro so combine with the EVA1 it’s easier to balance quick. I can hold the system longer and try new configuration like car mount… 

I shot a sport commercial where I tried to used the IR mode too. It was a scene where the actor was in a big doubt so the IR effect intensified the feeling of him at that trouble moment. It’s perfect to have this effect internally. I also tried some cool car mount with my grip for my last commercial.

For me it’s a very good and versatile camera to be used on a various type of projects. We will discover next with firmware updates what this powerful camera could do !! “

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