EVA1 Experience

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Rupert Cobb

Gun Hill Studio, UK

I like working with the Varicam, but I was looking for something more compact and light in terms of size…

The Factory PRD

Sesto Fiorentino, Italy

I like working with the Varicam, but I was looking for something more compact and light in terms of size…

Marco Lisi


Together with my colleague Rob Cuijvers I run Videowise Video Agency. By using video strategically, we help Flemish SMEs to reach more customers in the short term.

Director and Founder of Coprod, a video production studio based in Paris for 10 years.

I’m a 28-year old videographer from Austria. I started working as a full-time videographer in 2015 and I loved every single day of it. What makes it so exciting for me is to see new places and  to challenge myself with every single project I do. I mainly shoot extrem sports, advertisings and documentaries. 

Oliver Roetz, born 1968 in Bangladesh, working as a freelance cameraman since 1996, since 2009 working as a DoP for Terra X / Faszination Erde (ZDF)

Daniel Zenzipér is CEO and DOP of the film agency Flightseeing. Since 2013 Flightseeing is specialized on arial filming as well as commercials especially in the sport and event sector. They also produce short movies, music videos with well known artists, image videos for travel companies, conferences or global real eastates companies

My name is Emmanuel Lakkari, I’m a French Cinematographer from Paris. I travel the world, where directors need me, for shooting commercials and narrative projects. My detail oriented, passionate cinematic look and love for anamorphic mood lead me to work for Chanel, Cartier, Guerlain, Dior, French television such as M6, TF1 and Eurosport. I also won two cinematography award in USA for a short film( “300 000KM/SEC”). I tend now to develop my career also on bigger narrative projects like feature films and tv series. I recently shot a feature film pilot in funding called “article 22”.