Daniel Zenzipér

Daniel Zenzipér is CEO and DOP of the film agency Flightseeing. Since 2013 Flightseeing is specialized on arial filming as well as commercials especially in the sport and event sector. They also produce short movies, music videos with well known artists, image videos for travel companies, conferences or global real eastates companies.

The EVA1 is the ideal camera for my work: She is small, flexible and light. It seems that is has infinte power capacity and the internal image stabilisation enables me to capture the moment that counts! It’s incredible to shoot smooth 240fps in RAW with the combination of my DJI Ronin and the Atomos Shogun Recorder. I can’t imagine another job with my EVA1. That flexibility, handling and workflow is astonishing.  Especially outdoor where we only have the natural light and a tight schedule, the Dual Native ISO enables still to capture unique shoot, with amazing skin tones and high dynamic range! The EVA1 for my workflow is the best camera so far.