Christian Czadilek


I’m a 28-year old videographer from Austria. I started working as a full-time videographer in 2015 and I loved every single day of it. What makes it so exciting for me is to see new places and  to challenge myself with every single project I do. I mainly shoot extrem sports, advertisings and documentaries.

For me the EVA1 is the perfect companion for all my projects. The weight and size is perfect for traveling – and additionally you get insane sharp frames out of it. It works perfect as a “run&gun” setup as well as a proper studio camera. Rigging the camera is fast and easy – which is really important on some jobs. As I shoot a lot sports I love the 240fps in 2K which catches every single movement of any action I need to get. I am super happy to have Panasonic at my side because I can trust my EVA1 at anytime!