Awi Rabelista

The Netherlands

I am specialised in nature- and adventure filmmaking. I mainly work in remote environments and rough conditions.

I mainly like the compact size, weight and energy efficiency. I can’t bring big V-lock batteries on expeditions where I have to travel by foot. Everything needs to fit in my backpack. One function is really like is the pre-rec function. It allows me to capture seconds before I press record. For instance, when I was filming Snub Nosed Monkeys in the Eastern Himalayas, I was able to capture the full motion of monkey jumping from tree to tree. Without the pre-rec function, It would have been a more difficult task to film this shot. I used to film for many minutes, waiting until the action happened and that would cost a lot of data and battery life. The pre-rec function is a game changer for me. Small details make this camera very pleasant to operate. Have you ever wondered where the air intake is located? Not on op, but in front below the lens mount. This makes the camera more versatile in dusty and rainy environments. Remember, water and debris always falls downwards with gravity. The EVA1 allows me to travel to the hidden corners of planet Earth and capture cinema quality visuals.