Panasonic has announced the release of a new high-end PTZ camera. The AW-UE150, which will be available at the end of the year, includes a range of unique specifications such as a 1 inch MOS sensor with a 20x optical zoom, 4K at 50/60p (UHD), 12G-SDI, HDMI, LAN and even optical fiber outputs. The camera is also capable of simultaneously outputting both an UHD and HD signal.

Targeting its use within high-end productions such as big sporting events, live entertainment, universities, corporates and auditoriums, it also  provides a shooting range of more than 75°, further increasing its versatility, and therefore can be placed in positions previously unachievable. On the other hand, using a new 1″ sensor (i.e. 4x larger than a traditional 1/2.3″ sensor) will guarantee a much better dynamic range and a cleaner image thanks to a better signal to noise ratio.

For those unfamiliar with PTZ cameras (Pan/Tilt/Zoom), the scope for their application is immense. A single controller can control dozens of cameras via a single Ethernet link, and thanks to PoE+ power can also be fed to the camera thanks to the use of a single CAT5 cable. You can also capture audio and video for streaming, or opt for a SDI or Fiber link to be integrated into a complete system.

PTZs can be placed in locations and in applications whereby a camera operator can either not get to, or due to the amount of time in which the camera is being used simply not achievable. They can be ceiling mounted or onto an automated dolly for example. An operator can then memorise dozens of different positions and recall them.
Panasonic recently launched an autotracking software for usage in both higher education and auditorium environments that allows to follow a subject only by facial recognition. You can watch this demonstration.

A new console with touch screen: the AW-RP150

At the same time, Panasonic also announces the development of a new control panel, the AW-RP150. It’s main features include a 7-inch GUI monitor and a new joystick that allows both camera movement and zoom control. A memory card slot is also available to update presets. The AW-RP150 will also be available at the end of the year.
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